Policy with a vision

At first glance, the problems facing Islanders seem broad and scattered. But there is a recurrent theme more problematic than any individual or even any single party. The problem facing Island politics is an acute lack of long-term vision. From healthcare to education, to poverty, to job creation, one government after another is stuck in the short term thinking of a 4-year election cycle.

As a community leader and mother, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t plan our lives in 4-year cycles. We need policymakers to be bold enough to plan, with Islanders, for future outcomes that will leave a legacy the community can own.

Vote Green and be part of that vision. 

On Electoral Reform

  • Would honour the vote on Electoral Reform.

  • Would work collaboratively.

Proportional Representation is about making every vote count, but it’s also about allowing our governments to move past the 4-year planning cycle. When you no longer have the large swings, but instead just minor course corrections, you can plan for the long term, and that’s good for everyone.

On Education

  • It’s time for a roundtable discussion with teachers and psychologists and the Province on how to address wait times for psycho-educational assessments.

  • We need a hard cap on class sizes and access to the special assistance the students require. Assessments are a key piece of accurately understanding classroom composition and are critical in finding that cap.

  • Provide a prominent role for teachers in the development and evolution of educational policy and how it is implemented.

Our small size can be seen either as a challenge or an opportunity when it comes to education. It offers us a chance to be creative and innovative. Teachers are the experts in this field and it’s time that expertise was respected. If we’re going to create a sustainable vision for education in PEI, we need to start by engaging in meaningful consultation with our experts.

On Jobs

  • Greens would create jobs through targeted investments in small business, new agriculture, green energy expansion, conservation measures, information and technology development.

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Innovation PEI & Finance PEI by reviewing the outcomes of public investments.

A sustainable economy is built on a diverse mix of small business, and it’s where we can create stable, meaningful employment. Small business is the backbone of the economy, and we need to invest in small business to see the impact and value our community needs.

On Poverty

  • No income tax for those living in poverty.

  • Actively work with our Federal partners to launch a Basic Income Pilot Project for PEI.

  • Establish a living wage benchmark based on data & evidence.

It’s totally unrealistic to pretend there is no cost associated with keeping people in poverty. That won’t show up in a budget, but this is more of an indicator of the problem with our current metrics than it is a solid case that poverty is cheap. The unintended costs of poverty on health care, on justice, on mental health problems cannot be overstated. When people who need money suddenly have enough, they’ll spend that money, and that’s good for the economy too. Basic Income is a good long-term investment. But it takes courage to take on a policy that may take 10 years to have its value and impact fully understood.

On Mental Health

  • Far more focus needs to be placed on holistic approaches and preventions instead of expensive, late-stage interventions.

  • We need to invest in reducing the social determinants of poor mental health.

  • Greens support investing in a child advocate.

We need to treat mental illness as we do other illnesses. Because we know there is a link between smoking and lung cancer, prevention and awareness programs are put into place rather than hiring more surgeons and oncologists to treat smokers who get lung cancer. We need to apply the same logic to mental health and addictions.

On Health Care

  • We need to expand home care as it is more affordable and provides better services at the point of need while allowing residents to stay in their homes, in their communities and with their families.

  • Increase emphasis on proactive wellness promotion and prevention, rather than reactive-based treatment.

The Greens believe in growing a healthy population by supporting healthy lifestyles. Band-aid reactions are not part of a long-term vision for a healthy population on Prince Edward Island. Hard work and careful planning is needed to give Islanders the tools they need to be the healthiest they can be.

On Seniors Issues

  • Greens support an 'ageing in place' strategy, expanding supports so people can stay in their own homes.

  • Create more co-living spaces for seniors.

  • Expand the provincial drug registry

A community that cares for its elders with dignity and respect is a community focused on people. Our seniors need to remain active and engaged, they deserve good housing and health care that they can easily access. The longer we can keep our seniors in their homes, the better. The Greens believe in growing and creating programs that allow for the best care possible for our seniors.

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