About the Green Party


The Green Party of Prince Edward Island is the party for Islanders who believe that politics can and should be done differently. Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker was elected to the PEI Legislature in May 2015, and even as the sole Green MLA he has served as an inspiring example of what politics done differently can look like.

We believe in positive, collaborative politics: Islanders of all backgrounds and points of view coming together to solve the great challenges of our time, drawn together by their love of this place and a desire to see Prince Edward Island prosper in the 21st Century and beyond.

The Green Party of Prince Edward Island is guided by these six core principles:

Living Within Our Ecological and Financial Means
Local Self-Reliance
Grassroots Democracy
A Just Society
Active Citizenship and Self-Determination
A Culture of Peace

For more information, please visit the Green Party of PEI website at www.greenparty.pe.ca.

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